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About Valeri

I'm Valeri Stavnitser, the heart and soul behind VALERI. Since 2014, I've poured my passion into crafting head coverings and hair accessories that not only reflect personal style but also prioritize comfort and affordability. 

Entering marriage and embracing my Orthodox Jewish faith marked the beginning of a profound journey, where I explored the depths of love, spirituality, and motherhood. However, amid the blessings, I found myself grappling with postpartum depression and chronic migraines, feeling like I was losing a piece of myself in the process. 

One evening, fueled by determination, I designed a simple beret with an embellishment from Michaels, igniting a spark that would soon become VALERI. I shared images of the finished beret on Instagram, and the response was amazing – word of mouth led to more orders from women craving that same empowering accessory to elevate their confidence.

Since then, the VALERI brand has flourished, offering an array of stylish yet comfortable headwear, from beanies to headbands and headscarves. But my mission extends beyond fashion – it's about inspiring women to rediscover their confidence and reclaim their voice through the transformative power of dressing for success without the sensory overload.

At VALERI, innovation and comfort go hand in hand. Each design is crafted with love and attention to detail, ensuring that every woman feels empowered and comfortable in her own skin. Each swatch of fabric undergoes my personal "sensory test" to ensure that our pieces are not only soft and light but also devoid of any tightness, stiffness, roughness, or scratchiness in texture. My aim is for each piece to envelop you in a sensation of softness, airiness, and weightlessness, allowing you to move through your day with effortless grace. No matter how busy you are, you deserve to wear accessories that feel like second skin.

I invite you to explore our collection and discover the love and dedication infused into each piece. Here's to finding something that speaks to your unique style and empowers you to shine bright. (Or "empowers you to feel like your best self!")

With love and gratitude,