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About Valeri

My name is Valeri Stavnitser. I am the founder & designer behind my brand, VALERI. I started my brand in 2014 with the desperate desire to find head coverings and hair accessories that made me feel like me and did not break the bank and most importantly were comfortable.
As a newly married and newly orthodox Jewish woman , I began covering my hair for religious reasons and felt like I was losing a part of myself. I was also a new mom struggling with postpartum depression and new chronic migraines.
One night, I went to Michaels and purchased an embellishment and put it onto a beret I had laying around. I posted it on my personal Instagram at the time and immediately received requests to make the same item for other women. Safe to say, the next day, Michaels was completely out of stock of that embellishment + more :-) 
Over the years, thank G-D, the business has grown and we now offer a variety of hair accessories like beanies, headbands of all types, headscarves, & caps. 
Our mission has expanded as well. Our goal is to help women extract the confidence they already have within themselves by being that finishing touch to their "dress for success" outfits. Our goal is that you feel like you've gained your voice back as a result of that confidence.
We pride ourselves on creating innovative and unique designs with comfort as our top priority.

I hope you see the love we put in each piece and that you find something you love.